First National Credit Card Login

First National Credit Card Login

Unlike us, many others aren’t familiar with the First National Savings CC(Credit Card). So for those people who aren’t familiar with the first national savings credit card or have a very little knowledge don’t worry by the end of this article you will be knowing everything about it.

Know About FirstNationalCC:

Saving money has never been an easy task. In order to solve the problem the First National Bank or to say First National Bank of Omaha which is a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska has released First National Savings Credit Card which will help the user to save more money and maintain their credit history. Almost everyone knows about the savings account but for those who don’t know about it saving accounts is basically an interest-bearing deposit account and has a fixed credit limit which helps the user to save their money.

The First National Bank is one of the largest private bank in the US. It provides corporate banking, investment banking, retail banking, wealth management and consumer lending services. The First National Bank has 101 branches in total.

 As the needs of people are growing up day by day its very important for them to save money and maintain their credit history and for that the First National Savings Credit Card is providing a great platform.

FirstNational Savings CC Interest Rates / Charges:-

Whenever someone’s talk about the banks or something related to bank account the first thing which clicks to our minds is that what will be interest rates charged by the bank.

In the case of First National Bank, the fee structure is as follows :

  1. The annual percentage rate (APR) charged by the bank for purchases is 29.9%.
  2. The annual percentage rate (APR) for cash advancement is same as for purchases that is 29.9%.
  3. No minimum Interest charges.
  • Fees Charged for Set-up & Maintenance:
  1. Annual fees is $75.
  2. In case you are an authorized user than you have to pay $20 per year.
  3. 2% of transaction fees is charged per cash advance .
  4. In case of late payment or return payment the penalty is $25.

If the user makes payment on time that is within 25 days of the last time then he/ she will not be charged interest fee on transactions.

Different types of FirstNationalCC :-

Keeping in mind the different demands of the users the First National Bank has designed different types of First National Savings CC with different features. These include:

  • Regular Savings: These are best for new savers who have low account balance. This account can be opened with the minimum deposit of $100. Through this saving account, user can earn competitive interest which is credited quarterly. This account also allows up to six withdrawals.
  • Kids Club Saving: This account is available for the children with age group of 0-12. Through this account the children can inculcate the value of savings in their life and can save for their future. This also allows the children to enjoy the Kids club perks and to earn the competitive interest on a quarterly basis. The minimum amount required to start the accountis $25 and the maximum limit of withdrawal is six per quarter.
  • School Bank Savings: This initiative of the First National Bank encourages the children to start their savings right from the school. There’s no minimum deposits and the children receive school bank day rewards whenever they make a deposit.
  • Christmas Club Savings: This account is for those who don’t wish to waste their resources in holidays and rather wishes to save for the Christmas.Through this account one can earn interest on daily balance.
  • Certificate Deposits(CDs): It’s a great way to manage money if the user is able to set it aside for some period of time. The First National Bank helps through Certificate Deposit to maximize their interest rate and to enjoy the security of FDIC insurance. The certificate deposit time period ranges from 30 days to 5years.The minimumamount required to open the account is $500 and the competitive interest rates is decided on the basis of amount and time period. The user will able to receive interest by direct deposit Automatic renewal of CDs are also available.
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs): These accounts are best and safest way for investing money. It can further be divided into
  1. Traditional IRAs
  2. Roth IRAs
  3. Simple IRAs
  • Money Market: This account is basically for the businessman who wishes to get high interest rate and furthermore want to enjoy the easy access to their money. The minimum amount required in the case of individuals is $2500 whereas in case of businesses its $5000 and the users will be notified by monthly image statements and can also enjoy the unlimited transaction through teller window and mail requests.
  • Liquid Funds: These are best for investors who wishes to make an account for short term and wants to enjoy premium interest rates. The minimum amount required to start the account is $5000 and there’s no monthly fees and the user can enjoy the facility of 24 hours banking by via ATM and telephone.
  • Health Saving Account(HAS): This account from the first national bank enables users to save money for their health. The plus point is it’s tax free and the users can access funds through checks or debit cards and there’s no checks limit.
  • Coverdell Educational Savings: It’s somewhat same like IRAs and it enables users to enjoy tax deferred earnings and let them access tax free qualified withdrawals.

Few Alternatives of FirstNationalCC :-

There are few alternatives for first national savings cc which could be used, these includes’

  1. Capital One Secured MasterCard : If you use this card responsibly then you can build your credit very soon. There’s no annual fees. In the beginning you will get a credit line of $200 once you submit the security deposit successfully. You can also access your account online and if you pay on time for first five months then you can get a higher credit line without any additional deposit for it.
  2. Fingerhut Credit Account: You can easily build your credit history with the help of this account& you have to report the three major credit bureaus regularly. Once you are qualified for the account then you are further capable of enjoying the benefits offered by WebBank and can also make the purchases from different brands using credit line.
  3. Total Visa Card: The user can use this card all over the US and can also make online payment. The payments are managed on monthly basis. The user has to report his account history to the 3 credit bureaus in US.
  4. Milestone MasterCard: The plus point about the card is that you credit scoring crash even if it’s not perfect and the user will be provided with coverage if in case he/she lost the card. You can also access the card anytime anywhere.You have to report to 3 credit bureaus in US about your account.
  5. Indigo MasterCard: It’s somewhat same like the milestone MasterCard. All type of credit history can be accepted and the credit score won’t crash even in case of imperfect credit. The user will be provided with fraud coverage in case the card gets mid placed. You have to report the 3 credit bureaus regarding you credit history.

Advantages of FirstNationalCC :-

Now, that you all know so much about the First National Bank and First National Savings Credit Card you must be wondering what is its use. Here are few advantages:

  1. The user have the authority to their purchase.
  2. Hidden Fees doesn’t exists.
  3. No penalty APR.
  4. Fraud Coverage in case you lose the card or the misplace of card.
  5. Online secure access to the account

How’s the Balance going to be calculated?

The above question must be making you curious right that how is your balance will be calculated what would be the process? So let me clarify, the balance will be calculated by the ending method balance through which you get to know about the total method of interest charge.

Requirements for FirstNationalCC:-

Now that you know so much about the First National Savings Credit Card and wishes to apply for it then here are some necessary details you need to know:-

  1. Applicant should be the age of 18 years or above.
  2. The credit history of applicant should be easy to access.
  3. The applicant should have Social Security Number in U.S.
  4. The applicant should be the resident of U.S.

How to Apply for FirstNationalCC :-

If you are wishing to apply for the first national savings credit card you can go to the official website create your account by providing the necessary details asked and once you have created the account you can easily login just by visiting the official page where you will see “Account login” button click on it and the login page will open, enter the username and password and you can access your account.

Now, that everything is looking sugar coated sweet let me tell you a major drawback for the first savings. The major drawback of first savings is that it restricts the new users from applying for the card because the bank only wishes to give preference to individuals who has both valid reservation number and access code. In case you receive both of them through mail then you are eligible and can apply for card.

Another method for applying is through customer care number in case you have online. The number for customer care is 888-469-0291. You can ask for the application form here by giving them necessary details askedand completing the process thereby. Once you are completed you will receive your First National Savings Credit Card on the address you mentioned.

First National Credit Card Customer Care:-

Here in the article I have tried my level best to clarify everything regarding both First National Bank and First National Savings Credit Card but if you still left with doubts you can contact the customer care by visiting the customer care service page through the official website or can contact at the below given number 888-469-0291.

In the above article we try to shared all the information regarding Firstnationalcc login, reviews, how to apply, toll free helpline number, etc.. Visit official website for more information!!